Taxes. For those who pay and those who don’t. Pennsylvania Tax Amnesty 
“Tax Dance” IRS e-filing
“Diaper” Soup, steak, cookies and coffee. A-1 
“Crossword” OREO
“Train Wreck” Sunbeam
“Facelift” Cambell’s Soup Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Here The British Virgin Islands 
“Undiscovered” The British Virgin Islands Travel & Leisure Money, Money, Money Chase 
“Teller” Pennsylvania Lotter 
“Boxer” FGIC Bonds Take Care Eli Lilly 
“No Remote TV” Claritin Nivea 
“Morning Soothe” Introducing The New York Red Bulls New York Red Bulls 
“Amado Guevara” New York Red Bulls - Out-of-home/Print New York Red Bulls
“Youri Djorkaeff” New York Red Bulls
“Chris Henderson” A Fruit Bowl Lifesavers Dole Fruit Juice The Coalition For The Homeless “When All Else Fails” “Facts”